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Axxcess Capital became a member of the Digital Capital Network ("DCN") in 2014. Axxcess Capital offers Investors, Issuers, and Affiliates a compliant solution evaluating pre-screened transactions in multiple financial industries and deal types on one platform. Axxcess Capital provides its members with a diverse and cost-effective transaction portal to close the gap between business and growth capital.


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Axxcess Capital provides investors with corporate access and a transaction portal that meets targeted investment criteria across various capital market deal types and industries. Powered by Merriman Capital, Axxcess Capital brings a trusted brand, expertise, and a fully compliant team under one roof.

Investor Benefits

  • Increased exposure across micro and small cap marketplace
  • Private, real time investment opportunity queries based on investor profile
  • Centralized portal for consolidated deal flow
  • Cost effective mechanism of deal placement
  • Independent, sector specific, research


The sourcing of capital to grow your business can take many paths. Axxcess Capital aims to facilitate this process by efficiently gauging interest from the Investor community while also increasing the institutional awareness of your company. Sponsored by an established Broker-Dealer, Axxcess Capital has the ability to create a consistently controlled experience for all potential investors at a minimal cost and time commitment.

Issuer Benefits

  • Increased global market bandwidth for potential investors
  • Real time indicator and tracking of Investor interest
  • Established BD and Banker relationship
  • Process is fully compliant

Affiliate BD

Axxcess Capital's centralized portal for communications, compliance and confidentiality, provide a cloud based resource for Affiliates, allowing them to address administrative requirements while simultaneously managing investor relations and expanding their market bandwidth.

Affiliate Benefits

  • Broader deal flow distribution for Accredited Investors
  • Increased efficacy of administrative tasks and information distribution
  • Monitored compliant and structured deal management
  • Access to reports, analysis, and 3rd party research


Axxcess Capital is a fully integrated portal that increases efficiency and compliance by reducing manual transactions. It allows for a more streamlined placement process for capital market transactions, with increased tracking capabilities and improved communications.

Axxcess Capital adheres to the compliance practices that are required of all full service broker dealers. The team brings decades of experience in all aspects of capital market transactions.

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